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Our goal is to help you reach yours. That doesn’t happen through one action, one channel, one project or by telling one story. Our job is to create continuous opportunities to share your story, help you engage audiences in a conversation, identify consumer challenges and provide solutions, and position you as a true thought leader in your space.


A Little About ReD

Chris Herbert has built an accomplished career though public relations and strategic communications positions that span a broad range of industries including technology, government, agriculture, healthcare, wellness/fitness, education, aviation and non-profit.

With nearly 20 years of experience in media and communications, Chris works with companies and organizations to develop and implement effective public relations and media engagement campaigns as well as corporate communications and crisis management plans to achieve their goals.

Chris began her career as a television journalist before ‘crossing over’ to manage communications for the Illinois Department of Agriculture in 2003. She went on lead the IL Office of Communications and Information, providing oversight and guidance to the more than 30 communications managers representing 23 state agencies under the Governor.

She moved to the private sector in 2008. As Director of Public Relations for a boutique marketing firm, she developed and implemented strategic PR and communications strategies for companies in a variety of industries. Prior to developing her own brand, Chris managed global public relations for the world’s largest private aviation company.

The Space We Live

Work with us. We can accomplish more together.


ReInvigorate your story and share it with people that matter to your business/organization. We work with clients to identify and engage with target audiences through their stories. We create opportunities to not only inform, but engage audiences in the conversation. Our experience and understanding of what makes a good story, coupled with strong relationships with newsmakers across the country, helps build brand awareness, loyalty and grow market share.


ReEngage with the audiences that matter to you and your brand. Social Media depends heavily on consumer behaviors. Make sure your strategies are designed to engage the right audiences on the platforms they are most active.


ReEnergize your brand through creative communications. Public Relations rapidly evolves as the way people get their news and information changes. It’s more about Public Engagement, utilizing a number of channels and resources to create the right conversation environment for you and those you’re trying to reach. With the massive amount of information streaming each minute through hundreds of channels, we help find a way to break through the noise and tell your story.


ReAssure your position in the marketplace. We are prepared and will make sure you are too. Crisis can be financial, product design/function related, legal in nature. Any of these issues have the potential to create negative press, which can wear heavily on a brand. Our team is trained and prepared to help manage this risk both internally and publicly.

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